A Note to the Player

Some of this may be outdated

This campaign will have a few changes to the normal 4th edition set up. For starters, there will be guns; both Rifles and Pistols. Not only that, but there will be powerful weapons with known as Legendary. On top of that, there will be two subclasses; Gearboxes and Fielders, each with their own pros and cons.

Rifles will be ranged weapons that deal 1d12 dmg, +2 hit, x2 Crit, and a 20/40 range. Yes, I said x2 Crit. When you crit in this campaign, the dmg you rolled will be multiplied by x2. This goes for all weapons. After finding a rifle, the player will roll a d20 to determine the gun’s “dead” number. That number will permanently be a part of the gun and will jam the gun for one turn should if be rolled in combat

Example: the dead number is 12, so from now on when using that gun, if a 12 is rolled, the gun will jam and the attack will fail). If a 1 is rolled, the 20 will be rolled again and the 2nd number will also be applied (in the case above, the gun will jam at both 1 and 12). Should a 1 be rolled second time, a third “dead” number will be rolled as well.

In the event that a 20 is rolled, the weapon will be considered flawless and will not jam under any circumstances. In addition, the crit will be raised to x3. These weapons are considered dwarven made, and are extremely rare and valuable.

Pistols will also be available. They will deal 1d8 dmg, +2 to hit, x2 crit, and a range of 10/20. A pistol can only be used once per encounter. A player may carry more than one.

Legendary weapons work much the same as rifles with the exception that they are melee only. A legendary weapon will always provide a enhancement to hit and dmg equal to half the character’s level (at 5 it will be plus +2, and at 6 it will become +3). A “dead” number will be picked just like with a rifle expect if the weapon “dies” then the player will receive a -1 to ac for 1 turn. The same penalty applies to if a 1 is rolled. Should a 20 be rolled, the weapon will not argue with it’s master, and will also have an additional magical effect chosen randomly via chart.

Gearboxes will be able to put scopes on rifles adding a hit bonus to their weapon. They won’t however, be able to use legendary weapons.

Fielders will be better able to handle Legendary weapons and will receive a bonus to dmg equal to half level on top of what the weapon already provides. This bonus applies to caster implements as well. As expected, Fielders can’t use guns.

A player can choose to be neutral and will be allowed to use both weapons, but receive no bonuses.

Dwarves and Halflings will receive a +2 to machine knowledge and once per encounter may double check their rifles. Should they roll their “dead” number, they may re-roll. Dwarves cannot be Fielders, and as such, can expertly use a rifle so that it doesn’t jam given the right machine parts.

Eladrin and Elves will receive a +2 to arcana knowledge and will be able to persuade their legendary weapons not to fail. Should they roll their “dead” number, they may re-roll once per encounter. Eladrin cannot be Gearboxes, and as such, can manipulate a a legendary weapon not to fail if given the proper incantation.


Neutrals (non gearboxes/fielders) will get a +2 to Diplomacy

Gearboxes will receive a + to damage rather than to hit with scoped guns

Fielders will receive a + to hit rather than damage for Legendary weapons.

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A Note to the Player

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